Should I Get an Attorney After a Car Accident in Pahrump?

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After a car accident in Nye County, you may question whether or not you should hire a personal injury attorney. A past personal experience or no experience at all may play a big part in your indecision. Today, we will review reasons why you would benefit from getting a car accident attorney in Pahrump after you’ve been hurt in a wreck. 

Top Five Reasons to Get a Pahrump Car Accident Attorney 

In general, you are not legally required to hire a car accident attorney. When you want to look out for your best interest, however, working with an injury attorney does increase your chances of getting a better outcome. This is especially true if you might be even partially at fault for the accident. 

These are our top five reasons why you should get a Pahrump car accident attorney.

Avoid Common Mistakes of Self Representation

Southern Nevada attorneys have years of experience learning how the local law process works in Nye County and how to navigate its complexities. Attorneys also have experience and resources to handle corporate attorneys that may be hired to represent large truck and rail freight companies after an accident.

Individuals that try to represent themselves may unintentionally do or say something that ends up jeopardizing their case. For instance, not collecting the correct documentation, missing out on key witness testimonials, having their words twisted to mean something else while under duress just to name a few. 

With an attorney and the full backing of their legal team in your corner, you are less likely to make a costly mistake filing an auto accident insurance claim or during talks with opposing counsel.  Our legal team has years of experience negotiating settlements and pursuing litigation following auto accidents.

Assistance with Establishing True Value of Your Case

When you or a loved one is hurt in an accident it’s easy to become hyper focused on your immediate needs and just settling a quick settlement to get you through the next few months. Doing so is a mistake. 

Here’s why: you also need to figure out what your injuries will cost you monetarily, physically, and mentally long term. Missed time from work, loss of the benefits of a family relationship, ongoing therapy, and other damages need to be carefully evaluated too. By not properly establishing the value of these losses you miss out on compensation that you may be rightfully entitled to. Attorneys are an invaluable asset when it comes to helping injury victims get a fair offer.   

We know that no amount of money can replace the loss of a limb, ability, or the life of a loved one, but it can help ease the stress of financial burden so that you can focus on healing and moving forward.   

Don’t Fall Prey to Tricky Insurance Company Tactics

Hard truth: insurance companies are in the business of making money. Do not make the mistake of thinking they will automatically be fair and provide you with the highest amount of compensation without some give and take. Insurance companies often low-ball you and hope you accept. This for-profit mentality is one reason why you should never accept the first offer given by an insurance company as the final offer.  

Insurance companies may also try to trick you into recording a statement. Even a minor comment could be misinterpreted so that you seem like you admitted fault. The insurance company could then use your statement later to deny your injury claim. In reality, save for a few exceptions, you don’t need to agree to having a recorded conversation. 

This is another way having a personal injury attorney can help–they can speak on your behalf and help you avoid making a costly mistake.    

Access to Professional Resources

If you try to do everything on your own, you may not have a proper amount of time and resources to build a strong case. When you work with a personal injury law firm, you get help gathering evidence from the accident scene, obtaining a police report and accident scene experts, determining which medical reports are needed, tracking down witness testimonies, and collecting other important evidence in a timely manner. 

Increase Your Success Rate! Contact a Car Accident Attorney in Pahrump 

Contact our car accident attorney in Pahrump as soon as possible following a wreck. Doing so will greatly benefit you in dealing with insurance companies, other legal counsel, and protecting your best interests. 

Our legal team is on standby and is dedicated to helping injury victims in Pahrump carefully evaluate case details, collect strong evidence, and develop a solid legal strategy that will ultimately help the success rate of obtaining the highest compensation possible.

Our office accepts 775-878-7500, as well as online chats and case evaluation forms 24/7. Consultations are completely free. There is also no fee unless we win your case.

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