Avoiding St. Patrick’s Day Injuries in Las Vegas

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St. Patrick’s Day Injuries Las Vegas

St. Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas is always one of the best times of the year in Sin City. Whether you’re Irish, love Irish culture, or celebrating with Irish friends, there are hundreds of outstanding bars and clubs to get your green on. While the holiday is generally safe, mixing thousands of revelers with heavier-than-normal alcohol consumption can lead to St. Patrick’s Day injuries in Las Vegas. To help you and your friends stay safe, the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at ER Injury Attorneys offer the following safety tips.

Follow These Four Tips to Avoid St. Patrick’s Day Injuries

While your chances of getting into a car accident or pedestrian accident can be higher during St. Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas, the good news is that many of these accidents can be avoided through simple safety practice. Our staff recommends the four tips below in order to maximize your safety.

1) Make Transportation Plans in Advance

Las Vegas is an outstanding town for bar hopping and club hopping. If you truly want to experience all that Sin City has to offer then you owe it to yourself to not stay in the same resort and explore the town. That said, rideshare cars and taxis will be in high demand, so you may want to rent a limo or use a service like Dryver or SafeRideNevada so that you don’t have to worry about your next ride. 

If you do insist on driving, but find yourself unable to drive responsibly, Dryver and SafeRideNevada also offer an option to have a driver meet you and drive your car back to your destination safely.

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2) Stick to Heavily Trafficked Pedestrian Areas

While it’s easier to get around by car on the Las Vegas Strip, walking is your best bet if you’re partying in downtown Las Vegas, the Arts District, downtown Summerlin, or Water Street in Henderson. While the majority of these areas are safe and well lit, each has dark corners that may not be the safest–especially if you’re unfamiliar with these areas and under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

One of the best ways to avoid St. Patrick’s Day injuries in Las Vegas is sticking to areas with heavy pedestrian traffic. If you see well-lit crosswalks and pedestrian traffic signals then you should be fine. If all you see ahead of you is a dark alleyway then you should turn around and go back to where the party people are hanging out.

3) Wear Appropriate Shoes

If you’re going to stick to one bar or club then slick dress shoes or elegant high heels should be fine. However, if you plan on hitting several destinations or do a lot of walking then consider wearing more comfortable shoes with tackier soles.

Yes, closed-toed shoes, flats, or grippy boots may not be as fashionable, but they’ll help keep you safe. It’s a 100% certainty that drinks will be spilled and glasses will break during St. Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas. You can avoid a nasty cut or slip and fall injury by wearing appropriate shoes.

4) Share Your Plans With Family and Friends

A wild night out doesn’t have to be irresponsible. Share your plans with a family member or friend that’s staying in for the night. Have them call you or schedule a call to them every few hours so that they know you’re safe. Keeping in touch with an emergency contact can prevent St. Patrick’s Day injuries from turning into catastrophic injuries.

Should an accident happen to you then your emergency contact can help arrange any emergency service you need. They can even connect you with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer from ER Injury Attorneys to help you find a medical professional that specializes in your particular injuries and start building a case designed to win you the highest compensation possible.

Contact a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer

The team at ER Injury Attorneys hopes that you have an incredible St. Patrick’s Day that’s full of love, laughter, and libations. Most of all, we hope that your celebrations are safe and sound. Please follow the safety tips above to help avoid St. Patrick’s Day injuries. Should you get into a St. Patrick’s Day accident in Las Vegas then know that ER Injury Attorneys is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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