Daylight Saving Car Accidents Resulting from Blind Spots

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daylight saving car accidents

No matter what group of people get together, it’s guaranteed they all have one thing in common–a shared dislike of Daylight Saving Time. 

This bi-yearly “spring forward” or “fall back” causes:

  • Babies to fall off of their carefully curated schedules.
  • Children and adults lose an all-important hour of sleep.
  • Subsequent bad moods. 
  • Missed deadlines.  
  • Rushed commutes across Las Vegas.

Did you know the negative impact of changing the clocks doesn’t stop there? Daylight Saving car accidents are a common occurrence. And, when there is a car accident, there is a chance of personal injury and/or wrongful death. 

The personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas at ER Injury Attorneys are ready to help you and your family. We are available 24/7 for a free consultation with you, even during Daylight Saving Time. So, don’t wait for the sun to set–call 702-878-7878 today and get connected with a knowledgeable representative.

Car Accidents Daylight Saving Time

It can take days for people of any age to adjust to the Daylight Saving Time sleep pattern. Losing an hour of sleep causes symptoms similar to jet-lag, which impairs both focus and judgment. 

One study from 2020 found that fatalities in traffic accidents increase nationwide by 6% during Daylight Saving Time. This is an additional 28 deaths per year. This increase is especially apparent in data from 2007, which shows a shift in higher traffic fatalities the year DST switched from April to March.

The Dangers of Daylight Saving Time

If you are sleep deprived due to Daylight Saving Time, there are three behaviors to be mindful of. 

  1. The first is drowsy driving. Depending on how sleepy you feel, this can mimic the actions of a drunk driver. Your decisions will come more slowly, as will your reactions. So, you’re more likely to miss a turn, misjudge the distance between you and another vehicle, or even fall asleep at the wheel. 
  2. The second is reckless driving. If you forgot to change your clock, or overslept your alarm, you may be tempted to rush into work. This can lead to other poor judgment calls, like rushing a red light, speeding, or swerving between slower traffic. 
  3. Not completing your typical patterns. This is especially apparent when it comes to blind spots and checking your mirrors. If you are sleepy, you may fail to check your blind spots adequately before merging. Or, if you’re in a rush, you might not adjust your mirrors before leaving. This means there is a heightened chance that you will strike another vehicle hidden in your blind spots.

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How to Survive the Spring Daylight Saving Adjustment

There are many ways you can prepare yourself and your family for the spring Daylight Saving adjustment. 

  • Begin going to bed a little earlier by 15-minute increments the nights prior to the change. 
  • Eat light dinners.
  • Avoid coffee and/or alcohol before bed.
  • Avoid screens before bed.
  • Schedule a nap in the late morning or afternoon.
  • Set more than one alarm, with one a little earlier than normal. This will give you a little bit longer to adjust to the shock of the earlier hour. 

DST Tips for Driving and Blind Spots

You can also help prevent a DST car accident by following these driving tips:

  • Take the time before leaving to check your mirrors. Ensure that they all angle to cover your blind spots.
  • Check your mirrors as you drive. Be especially mindful of other drivers who may not be paying close attention around you.
  • Stay out of other driver’s blind spots, especially semis. They may fail to check their mirrors before merging.
  • If you’re already driving and feel drowsy, pull off to a safe place and take a quick nap.
  • Leave enough space between you and the other vehicles around you. Even if you aren’t as affected by Daylight Saving Time, other drivers might be very sleepy or reckless. 

If another car does hit you and cause an injury, call emergency services and follow all of the instructions given by your doctor. Then, contact ER Injury Attorneys for a free consultation before you speak with any insurance representatives. Doing so can help ensure that you get a fair settlement. 

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