5 Scald Injury Prevention Tips for National Burn Awareness Week

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Scald Injury Prevention | National Burn Awareness Week

The American Burn Association (ABA) uses the first full week of February to promote National Burn Awareness Week. The organization uses the event to promote awareness of burn injury issues and to help people learn about burn safety. This year’s National Burn Awareness Week will take place during February 5-11 and focus on scald injury prevention. The personal injury lawyers at ER Injury Attorneys want to help you and your family avoid this type of burn injury. With that in mind, this blog will focus on information on scald injuries and safety tips to avoid them.

What Is a Scald Injury?

Scalds are a type of burn caused by hot liquid or steam. Although many people associate these types of burns with food service jobs, they’re quite common at home. From accidents with oven ranges, grills, bath tubs, and more, there are many ways to receive a scald injury at home. The good news is that the vast majority of these burn injuries are preventable through proper safety practices.

Five Scald Injury Prevention Tips

There are many simple things that you can do that will greatly lower your chances of a scald injury. Whether you live alone or with a large family, these safety tips will help keep everyone safe from these burns.

  1. Start Baths with Cold Water, Then Add Hot Water: some people make the mistake of running hot water first and then adjusting the temperature with cold water. That’s an easy way to get scalded. Instead, start with cold water and gradually increase the amount of hot water in the mix. This scald injury prevention tip is especially important for children and adults with sensitive skin.
  2. Do Not Multitask When Handling Hot Liquid: whether you’re moving a pot full of boiling water or transferring a kettle from the range to the table, the container holding hot liquid should have your full attention. Even one second of distraction or a fumble with your other hand can lead to a burn.
  3. Wear Gloves and Use Pot Holders As Much as Possible: cooking can be unpredictable, no matter how comfortable and confident you are in the kitchen. For example, skillets sometimes get hotspots that can cause liquids to heat unevenly. This can cause a sudden splatter that can be hot enough to burn skin. Using kitchen gloves, oven mitts, and pot holders as much as possible is one of the simplest and most effective scald injury prevention practices.
  4. Double-Check the Lids of Your Travel Mugs: travel mug design has come a long way over the years, with some mugs able to keep beverages hot for up to 24 hours. The bad news is that’s even more time to receive a burn injury. Whether you’re off to work or a day of errands, always make sure that the lid of your travel mug is fully secured and closed. Hitting a bump and having hot liquid splash on your lap can lead to a burn injury and a car accident.
  5. Establish a Safe Zone While You’re Cooking: many children are curious and want to see what you’re up to while you’re cooking. Unfortunately, they may get too close to steaming pots and hot ovens or adjust the range’s temperature while you’re not looking. Teach your kids to stay at least five feet away from the oven and range while you’re using them. The best way to avoid injuries caused by hot liquids and steam is to be a safe distance away from them.

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