What to Do After an Accident During a Las Vegas Monsoon

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accident during a Las Vegas monsoon

2022 marks the wettest monsoon season in Las Vegas since 2012. Aside from the flash floods wreaking havoc on local roads, a few casinos have suffered significant structural and water damage. Which may make you ponder, what would you do if you were hurt in a casino from a water-related accident during a Las Vegas monsoon? Or, who would be responsible (aka liable) for injuries if you were swept away in a flood as a passenger in a vehicle because of the reckless actions of a driver?     

Today, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys will shed some light on liability and what you should do if you suffer bodily harm from negligence in a monsoon-related accident.  

What Is Personal Injury Liability? 

Liability is defined as the state of being responsible for something. In terms of Nevada personal injury law—liability is used to prove fault, therefore, establishing who is responsible for paying compensation for injuries and other damages.  

During a civil injury case, the liable party can be made to pay for costs associated with medical expenses, lost work, loss of quality of life, and more when another person suffers the following because of negligent or careless actions: 

  • Bodily harm
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
Nevada personal injury law

For example, a casino patron suffers a catastrophic injury after an object falls on top of them. The structural integrity of the ceiling was compromised due to heavy rainfall resulting in bodily harm, pain and suffering, etc. As such, the casino may then be found liable for injuries and other damages because it neglected to properly inspect and maintain a safe property for its guests. 

Another example would be a hotel guest slips and falls on a slippery surface when an influx of water does not get promptly cleaned up and/or marked to warn pedestrian traffic of the potential danger. 

In this instance, the hotel may be found liable for failing to provide a safe environment for its guests from a foreseeable danger.

Six Steps to After an Injury Accident During a Las Vegas Monsoon

When it’s storming outside and you suffer an unexpected injury because a casino or hotel failed to meet their duty of care, you should take the following steps to protect your right to seek compensation from the liable party. 

  • Step 1 Seek immediate medical care
  • Step 2 Report the accident to the property owner
  • Step 3 Document what happened by writing down details and with photos
  • Step 4 When possible, ask witnesses to provide information
  • Step 5 Don’t say anything to an insurance company without consulting an attorney first
  • Step 6 Contact an experienced Las Vegas premises liability law firm 

A premises liability attorney may also help determine if a construction contractor or inspector also failed to meet their duty of care making them liable for your injuries too. 

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You Have Two Years to File an Injury Liability Case in Nevada 

Per Nevada law, you have two years from the date of an injury to file a civil claim against a negligent party. There are, however, a few exceptions to this standard deadline. That is why it is within your best interest to contact an attorney as soon as possible to get your injury claim started. 

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