Cannabis Awareness Month: 5 Personal Injuries Caused by Marijuana Use

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Cannabis Awareness Month

April is Cannabis Awareness Month. Cannabis enthusiasts across the world use the event to promote awareness of the plant, its many uses, and safe use of it. While the cannabis plant can be used to make numerous foods, materials, oils, and health products, many people associate it with marijuana. Since recreational marijuana use is legal in Nevada, the Las Vegas injury lawyers at ER Injury Attorneys wanted to contribute to Cannabis Awareness Month by helping people learn about various injuries that can happen when you use the drug.

Marijuana Use Can Lead to These Five Injuries

Marijuana can affect the human body in numerous ways. Some of them can be beneficial, especially for people suffering from depression, chronic pain, and inflammation. Some of them can be detrimental, such as when you have to engage in activities that require hand-eye coordination.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychoactive ingredient that’s found in cannabis and one of the main reasons that people use marijuana. It can alter a person’s mood, depth perception, perception of time, coordination, reaction time, and more. Over the years, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys have seen marijuana lead to the following accidents.

Car Accidents

Marijuana use can lead to car accidents caused by impaired driving. If a driver uses marijuana then drives, then they may suffer from slower reaction times, reduced coordination, poor judgment, and more. This can lead to them injuring themselves and other motorists.

Slip and Falls

The same effects that cause marijuana-related car accidents can also lead to slip-and-fall injuries. For example, pathways that are normally easy for a person to navigate can seem like shifting mazes to people under the influence of cannabis.

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Workplace Injuries

People who use marijuana before or during work may be endangering themselves and their coworkers. While this can apply to people who operate heavy machinery for a living, these personal injuries can happen in a kitchen or office. For example, a person who’s high on marijuana and using a deep fryer can suffer or cause burn injuries.

Drowning and Other Swimming Pool Injuries

Swimming requires a fair bit of coordination, which can be compromised by the effects of THC. Additionally, its effects on judgment, depth perception, and coordination may cause a person to swim in an unsafe manner. While taking a dip in the pool might seem like a great way to enhance the relaxing effects of certain cannabis strains, such as indica, it increases your chances of a swimming pool injury.

Bicycle Accidents

Some cannabis strains, such as sativa, can make a person feel uplifted, inspired, and motivated. This can be a bad combination with cannabis’ effects on judgment. For example, a person enjoying sativa edibles may feel compelled to get some exercise and ride their bike, leading to a bicycle crash injury caused by their compromised coordination and depth perception.

Enjoy Cannabis Awareness Month Safely

The Nevada injury lawyers at ER Injury Attorneys hope that you enjoy Cannabis Awareness Month. Our team hopes that this blog has helped you understand how marijuana use can lead to injuries. Please be aware that marijuana use is typically higher during Cannabis Awareness Month, especially on 4/20. If you’ve been hurt by someone under the influence of marijuana, then contact us for immediate assistance.

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