Common Valentine’s Day Accidents and How to Avoid Them

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Valentine’s Day Accidents Prevention | Safety Tips | Las Vegas

Many people think of Valentine’s Day as a holiday that’s full of love, flowers, and chocolate. While that’s certainly true for some people, for others the celebrations also include decadent champagne, elaborate candles, or romantic fires. Unfortunately, some of the things that can make the holiday so memorable can also lead to Valentine’s Day accidents. To help you and your partner avoid these accidents, the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at ER Injury Attorneys offer the following safety tips.

Drunk Driving Can Increase on Valentine’s Day

For some couples, Valentine’s Day involves incredible bottles of wine, delectable bottles of champagne, or specialty cocktails. Unfortunately, this normally means an increase in drunk drivers. According to BACtrack, a leading manufacturer of breathalyzers, Valentine’s Day is the third-highest day of the year for high blood-alcohol levels. 

If you plan on enjoying a bottle or three with your special someone then consider alternative transportation. Rideshare services like Lyft and Uber or taxis are great options. If you really want to be extravagant–it’s Valentine’s Day, after all–then consider renting a limo. Not only will you be hitting the town in style, but you also eliminate the chances of getting cited for a DUI offense.

While riding in a limo or Uber is safer than driving yourself if you’ve been drinking, it does not eliminate the chances of Valentine’s Day accidents caused by other people that are drinking and driving. If this is a concern of yours then consider having a romantic dinner at home. 

You can still enjoy fine food and drinks, but doing so at home will keep you safe from drunk drivers. As an added bonus, spending Valentine’s Day at home makes it easier to get to the bedroom.

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Valentine’s Day Accidents Caused by Fire and Lights

Using ornate lighting arrangements, an array of wax candles, or a simple blanket by the fireplace can set the mood for a perfect Valentine’s Day. If one or more of these things are part of your plans then make sure to use caution while setting up and using these items. After all, you don’t want your romantic holiday ruined by an electrocution injury or burn injury.

When you’re setting up lights, make sure that none of the wires are frayed or worn. Additionally, spread the electrical load over multiple outlets, if possible. An overloaded outlet with multiple power adapters plugged can lead to an electrical fire.

Candles and fireplaces are wonderful for creating a romantic atmosphere, but be sure to use caution around open flames and to extinguish fires completely if you’re going from the living room to the bedroom. For candles, it’s a good idea to have a bucket of water handy so you can drop the candles in and make sure they’re extinguished. Or, use flameless battery operated candles instead. 

For fireplaces, use a poker to break up the embers and wood. Do not pour water over a fire in the fireplace. Instead, empty a box or two of baking soda on top of the fire’s last remnants. The chemical compound of baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, is the active ingredient used in many fire extinguishers. It will put out a fire safely, without the risks of splashing water.

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