How to Get the Most Money After a Car Crash in Nye County

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maximize your car accident settlement

Being in a car accident can leave you with many questions. How will I afford my hospital bills? When will I be able to work again? What do I say to the insurance company?

Whether you or a loved one were injured in an accident, dealing with the aftermath can be overwhelming. When a car crash occurs because of someone else’s negligence, injury victims are often entitled to financial compensation from the responsible party’s insurance company. All too often, though, insurance companies don’t make it easy—they may offer you far less money than your claim is worth or deny your claim altogether. 

5 Ways to Maximize Your Car Accident Settlement

If you want to know how to maximize your car accident settlement, you need to understand what kinds of compensation you may be eligible for. After a car crash in Nye County, you could be entitled to a variety of damages. These include both economic losses and non-economic losses, such as:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Property Damage
  • Lost Wages
  • Funeral Expenses (in cases of wrongful death)
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress
  • Disability and/or Disfigurement
  • Loss of Consortium

A fair car accident settlement should include compensation for all of these losses based on their severity and impact on you and your family’s quality of life.

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#1: Get Medical Attention as Soon as Possible

If you are seriously injured in a car crash in Nye County, you will likely be taken to the hospital by ambulance. However, even if you don’t have any obvious injuries, the rush of adrenaline after an accident can mask symptoms of pain and injury. Even fender benders can result in whiplash, spinal injuries, and head injuries. Be sure to see an urgent care physician or your regular doctor as soon as possible following an accident for a full evaluation.

Seeing a doctor is important to protect your health and prevent complications, but how does this help maximize your car accident settlement? It may take days or weeks for the real extent of your injuries to be known. Insurance adjusters will sometimes try to undermine the authenticity of your injuries by arguing that you didn’t seek treatment until long after the car accident. 

To avoid this, continue following up with a medical provider regularly to keep track of any delayed symptoms that may emerge. Finally, keep detailed records of all doctor visits, diagnoses, and any medications prescribed to you. Having these records will be useful in proving that your injuries were a direct result of the crash.

#2: Get a Copy of Your Accident Report

maximize your car accident settlement

Obtaining a copy of your accident report can be a crucial step in the injury settlement process. Police accident reports can contain valuable information that can help you prove liability, such as the exact time and location of the accident, photographs of the scene, witness information, road and weather conditions, and more.

In order to get a copy of an accident report for a crash that occurred in or near Pahrump, you must fill out a records request form in person at the Records Department of the Nye County Sheriff’s Office, located at 1521 E Siri Lane, Pahrump, Nevada. For more information about accessing police reports, you can call the Records Department at 775-751-7011. 

If the accident occurred on a state highway, you can request an accident report online from the Nevada Highway Patrol. Each copy of the report costs $10, and a CD containing crash scene photos costs an additional $5. 

Alternatively, you can contact a Pahrump personal injury lawyer, who may be able to obtain a copy of your police report on your behalf.

#3: Talk to Witnesses

One of the many benefits of obtaining a copy of your accident report is that it may contain contact information of witnesses who saw the accident. Witness statements can strengthen your case by providing details you may not even have known about. Because they are a third party, they may be able to settle disputes about who or what actually caused the accident to occur. 

Important things to ask witnesses about include how far away they were from the accident, whether they saw or heard the collision, if they could tell how fast each car was going, whether it appeared that any of the drivers swerved or slammed on their brakes, etc. You just never know what useful information a witness may bring to your case. Always try to follow up with witnesses as soon as possible after an accident, when their memory is still fresh.

#4: Document Everything

Getting a fair settlement goes beyond just proving that the other driver or drivers were at fault for the accident. In order to maximize your car accident settlement, you’ll need extensive documentation of all the economic and non-economic losses that entitle you to compensation. The following documentation and evidence will be the most helpful in assembling your case:

maximize your car accident settlement
  • All your medical expenses related to the accident. This can include hospital bills, receipts from doctor visits and follow-ups, records from rehabilitation clinics or physical therapy, prescription medication costs, etc. If you don’t have access to all of your medical records, you may be able to request them from your doctor, hospital, or through your medical insurance.
  • All property damage resulting from the accident. If your car was significantly damaged or totaled, you’ll want a complete damage estimate made by a professional. In addition, you may also want to include documentation of any personal items or belongings that were in the car at the time of the accident and were also damaged or destroyed. Any additional expenses incurred (such as car rental fees) should also be included.
  • Paystubs, W-2s, and other job-related documents. If your accident resulted in hospitalization, rehabilitation, or temporary or permanent disability, you could also be entitled to compensation for your lost wages, whether due to time spent recovering or a more permanent disability that will keep you from working in the future. Recent paystubs and W-2s can help establish how the accident has reduced your ability to generate income.

#5: Consult a Pahrump Car Accident Attorney 

You may still be wondering if your car accident really warrants a call to a personal injury lawyer. The truth is that with some minor car accidents—those that result in minimal damage and little to no injury—may not require the expertise of an experienced attorney. On the other hand, many moderate to serious car accidents will benefit from the knowledge and confidence an accident lawyer can bring to the table. This is especially true when catastrophic injuries or death occur because of the accident.

If you’re not sure whether an attorney might be able to help you, many personal injury law firms (including ER Injury Attorneys) offer free consultations to review the details of your case, help you estimate your losses, and determine whether having representation is the right choice for you. 

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